About Our Law Offices

At the Law Offices of Eugene Mogilevsky, LLC, we are proud to serve clients throughout the state of Indiana in a broad range of ways. We bring unparalleled legal experience to bear, coupled with compassion and understanding. Our goal is always to help solve the pressing challenges that our clients face in the most expedient manner possible.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide outstanding support and solutions to people just like you struggling with debt, facing family crises, bogged down in the immigration system, and more. We achieve this mission by providing a wide variety of legal services.

Our Goal

Simply put, our goal is to help you overcome your legal challenges, whatever those might be, and to do so in as expedient and affordable a manner as possible. For instance, many people spend significant amounts of money attempting to divide debts during a divorce. However, filing bankruptcy might be both more expedient and more affordable.

Why Choose Us?

Why should you work with us at the Law Offices of Eugene Mogilevsky, LLC? We can think of many reasons.

Our variety of services exists simply because many people find that the issue they thought they were facing is actually different from the cause of their situation. Again, many situations are complex and are related to one another – money issues can lead to divorce, as can immigration problems. Divorce can be fraught with unexpected expenses, driving up your costs, when it could be streamlined by a more accurate way of dividing debts, such as bankruptcy.

We chose our portfolio of services carefully, based on our understanding of just how complex our clients’ needs and requirements truly are. Our goal is to ensure that you are able to achieve a positive outcome with us in virtually any situation, whether you need to create a living will, you want to avoid dying intestate, you need to set up a power of attorney, or you need help pursuing and achieving US citizenship.

We Help You Feel at Ease – Most people do not feel all that comfortable speaking with an attorney. It’s natural to be nervous. We want to put you at your ease. To that end, we do everything possible to make your experience as positive as possible from the initial consultation onward. We offer a variety of ways to get in touch – in person, by phone, or even by email. We can even offer videoconferencing if that is necessary.

Our Understanding – One of the most important benefits of working with our experienced attorneys is our understanding of how many of the challenges we face in our daily lives are actually interrelated. Sometimes, a divorce is necessary because of infidelity, or irreconcilable differences.

However, in most situations, it is due to financial pressure, or pressure from an unresolved immigration situation. We understand just how interrelated life occurrences are and we bring to bear our expertise to achieve the best possible solution to the actual underlying cause.

Our Commitment to You – Our commitment is to helping people just like you who are facing a variety of legal problems. We are committed to helping you find bankruptcy relief, to stay in your own home, and even remain within the United States legally. We represent people who are facing lawsuits and those who want to provide the brightest future possible for their children and their grandchildren.

Our Range of Legal Services – In order to help clients just like you achieve the best possible outcome and improve their lives, we offer a number of different legal services. These include:

  • General Litigation – Non-criminal litigation related to everything from business formation to contracts.
  • Bankruptcy – Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 filings to help you achieve relief from debt and reduce pressure from creditors.
  • Wills and Power of Attorney – We help you plan your estate an ensure that you are able to dispose of your assets as you see fit.
  • Divorce and Family Law – We represent clients during the divorce process, legal separations, child support agreements and enforcement, and more.
  • Mortgage Foreclosure Defense – We fight to help you remain in your home forestalling or even avoiding foreclosure completely.
  • Immigration – From pursuing citizenship to obtaining a green card, we offer the experience and expertise you need.

Our Founder – Eugene Mogilevsky earned his law degree from the Indiana University School of Law at Indianapolis. Graduating in 2006, he has been practicing law in Indiana State courts and the US District Court for the Northern and Southern Districts of Indiana for over 13 years. He has in-depth experience representing clients in debt relief situations, mortgage foreclosure, consumer bankruptcy, immigration law, and family law.

  • Nicole S.
    He took on the toughest case he's had in a couple of years. Very professional and makes you feel at ease. He's straight forward and responds to questions via email/phone same day. Very pleased with the quick and positive outcome.
  • Latrice B.
    Eugene has made one of the most difficult events of my life, divorce, bearable. He is very knowledgeable, down to earth, and made me laugh which I really appreciated. It took the sting out of the process and made me feel less like a statistic and more like a hurting person trying to get through a difficult process. He even worked with soon to be ex-husband, with my permission, to avoid both of us being in the same room with one another to sign final paperwork. Eugene is awesome!!!
  • Tyler M.
    Eugene addressed all of my questions and concerns quickly and professionally. I was able to tell from the beginning that he is smart and experienced. He cares, and it shows through his work.
  • Michael
    I spent a good while searching for an attorney before choosing Eugene, even met with a few first. Eugene's personality "won" him my case. During my consultation I knew he was the one I wanted to hire. He is passionate about helping his clients, enjoys putting people at ease, and demonstrates a thorough knowledge of the law and bankruptcy procedures. I suggest those looking for a good, professional attorney look no further, especially if nervous about this huge undertaking. Eugene will help guide clients through and put them at ease. He's amazing!
  • Meagan
    I hired Mr. Mogilevsky as my divorce attorney. I was really nervous because I never had to consult someone for legal matters, but Mr. Mogilevesky explained things clearly to me at every meeting. He was very friendly, professional and made me feel at ease through the filing process. Mr. Mogilevsky worked well with my schedule and allowed me to set up a payment plan because I only worked a part time job, and couldn't pay the full amount at once. I would definitely recommend him.
  • Alan
    Eugene handled my divorce with exceptional skill and professionalism. I'm not a person that is innately skilled with legal documents, and Eugene made the whole process of divorce paperwork and filing uncomplicated. He is a good divorce lawyer, a good person, and genuinely cares about positively impacting his client's quality of life. While I hope that I never have need of legal representation in the future; I know exactly who to call when and if I do -- Eugene Mogilevsky.

Your next step is critical

it could make the difference between making a positive change in your life and adding yet more headaches and heartaches. Whether you are facing family challenges, need to resolve your immigration status, desire to remain in your own home, or need the debt relief that only bankruptcy can bring, we can help. We invite you to get in touch with the Law Offices of Eugene Mogilevsky, LLC. Call us today at (317) 559-3123 to schedule a consultation on your situation.