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  • Consutations

    • What does a legal consultation with an attorney entail?

      An attorney consultation, also known as a legal consultation, is a scheduled meeting where you will speak with an experienced attorney and go over your case, situation, or other legal issues. The consultation is for the lawyer to better learn your situation and provide you with legal advice on the matters at hand. The attorney will review and analyze the facts of your case and answer any case-related questions you might have, while providing you with realistic expectations, so that you can make the most educated and informed decision for your situation.

    • Why can’t I speak with the paralegal?

      The simple answer is that paralegals are not allowed to provide legal advice. In fact, anyone that is not a licensed attorney, cannot provide legal advice. Only a licensed attorney can provide anyone with legal advice, thus the scheduled attorney consultations. Attorney’s time is valuable and that is why we require a scheduled appointment first and do not accept walk-in appointments.

    • How can I schedule a consultation?

      You may contact our office by phone at (317) 559-3123 and schedule a consultation over the phone or reach out to us online, by submitting a contact form and one of our receptionists will be in touch via email to schedule your appointment. All available appointments are first-come, first-serve. Once the appointment is set, if your consultation requires a fee, you will be provided a secure online payment link via email, to pay the consultation fee payment, which must be made a minimum of 24-hours prior to your scheduled appointment time, otherwise, the consultation is canceled due to non-payment, and the time is released to be rebooked by others.

      *Note: the office does not accept walk-in consultations.

    • What is next after scheduling a consultation?

      You will receive an email with consultation instructions and a reminder of your scheduled appointment. If your consultation requires a consultation fee, you will also receive a secure online payment link within the email for your appointment. Take the time prior to your appointment to organize and gather any important paperwork, make a list of questions you would like to ask the attorney, and be prepared to delve into your case in depth. The attorney will contact you on the date and time of your consultation.

    • Is the consultation virtual, by phone, or in-person?

      Depending on attorney availability, we offer consultations virtually, as video-conferencing, by phone, or in-person. Our office is equipped to schedule appointments to your preference, although please keep in mind our office assists many clients virtually and most of our work is done virtually, so in-person consultations are not a requirement, but up to your personal preference.

      *Note: We are not able to accommodate same-day in-person appointments.

    • How long is the consultation?

      All initial consultations, regardless of the means of communication (virtual, by phone, or in-person), are scheduled for up-to 30-minutes. Should your consultation extend beyond the 30-minutes, the attorney may need to extend the conversation via a follow-up email or call. This is up to the attorney’s direct discretion and availability and to be determined by the attorney at the time of the appointment.

    • How much does a consultation cost?
      • Consultation fees vary based on the type of law. Paid attorney consultation fees range from $100.00 - $200.00. If you hire our law firm to represent you in your case, the consultation fee can be applied towards the cost of legal fees.
      • Attorney consultation is not to be confused with a contract-document review. If you’re inquiring about a contract or prenuptial agreement (prenup) review, the attorney requires to pre-view a copy of the paperwork in question first before providing pricing, and a timeframe of review. Contract and prenuptial agreement reviews begin at a fee of $150 and up.
    • What if I need to reschedule my appointment?

      If you need to reschedule a consultation for any reason, please contact our office immediately either by email or phone. Many people are waiting to speak with an attorney and the sooner we hear from you, we can open up the spot for other people who are urgently needing a consultation.

    • What if I miss my scheduled attorney consultation?

      If you miss your scheduled appointment, you have 24-hours to reach back out to our offices so we may accommodate any rescheduling requests. If you miss an appointment and you do not contact our office, no consultation fee refund will be issued.

    • What if I forgot to ask something during the consultation, can follow-up with the attorney?

      Should you need to follow-up with the attorney after your consultation, as long as your follow-up questions are related to the same matters you consulted on, we can accommodate a follow-up call or email, per attorney’s availability and discretion. For any new matters or cases, you will need to schedule a separate consultation.

    • Can multiple persons schedule one consultation?
      • Each person must book their own consultation, even if the cases are closely related. Scheduling more than one person, per consultation, will not be efficient for the attorney reviewing, analyzing, and assessing all legal matters, for the different parties.
      • The only time more than one person is permitted at the consultation is if you require a translator, or if your case directly impacts another person (determined on case-to-case basis). If you are unsure if another person is permitted to be present for the appointment, contact our office directly.
    • Can I get a refund if the attorney determines that I do not have a good case or they cannot take my case?

      There are no refunds for the consultations, typically. The attorney will answer all questions presented in the appointment based on their expertise and knowledge. The appointment is for you to have a better understanding of your options and how to proceed (or not proceed) in your case. Sometimes, you may receive an answer that there is nothing that can be done in your case, due to a variety of case-specific reasons. Knowing this information can be a vital step in your case.

    • Can the attorney review the forms that I prepared and help me file my own case?

      We cannot and do not review, approve, or otherwise “look over” any forms you have prepared on your own. There are ethical obligations that do not allow attorneys to assist non-attorneys in preparing legal documentation. We are also not allowed to help you self-represent yourself in a case. If you choose to hire our firm to represent you in your legal case, you must consent to the attorney’s representation in your case and the fee agreement, presented by the attorney-client contract.